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College Library

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The College Library is working on a separate multi facility building with area of 20300 square feet. The College library has a collection of 19328 volumes and currently subscribes 91 periodicals. All the collections in the library are classified and catalogued according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) scheme. The library is completely computerised with a standard library software. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is provided to locate the documents available in the library quickly. Internet access facilities are also available in the library.

There is a good collection of standard text books in all subjects and reference materials such as dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Directories etc. in reference reading room. Books from the section shall not be allowed to be taken out.

Text book section contains standard text books in all subjects. They are loaned to deserving students for a period of one year, a normal fee has to be paid for each book.

Library Rules

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1. Working Hours: The Library is kept open on all working days from 9.00A.M. to 4.30P.M.

2. Library users must enter their borrower No. at the time of check-in and check out.

3. Strict discipline and silence shall be observed in the Library.

4. Membership of the library is extended to all students of the college. The number of books issued to a PG student at a time will not be more than five and that to a UG student will not be more than three.

5. For availing this facility the students will have to submit an application in the prescribed form.

6. They are entitled to borrow books by producing identity card.

7. Loss of identity card should be intimated to the librarian immediately in writing. A fine of Rs.70/- will be levied for each card lost.

8. Due date is 14 days from the date of issue. They can be renewed for a period of 14days, if no one else has reserved for the same. If the books are not returned on or before the due date, a fine of 1 rupee per day per book will have to be remitted.

9. Absence from the college will not be accepted as an excuse for delay in returning the books.

10. If a book is lost, it can be replaced by a copy of same edition. If it is not done within the due date, 4 times the cost of the book and overdue charge have to be paid.

11. Those who borrow books from the library are requested to examine them carefully and report damages if any to the Library assistant. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage found at the time of returning the books other than the damages already reported.

12. The librarian reserves the right to recall at any time any book issued from the library.

13. Personal belongings should be kept in the property counter.

14. Books, journals and all other library materials should be handled with care, preserving them for future generations.

15. Contact library staff in case any help is needed in using the library and in locating books.

16. Ear marking, tracing, underlining and writing in books should be avoided.

17. Hall tickets for university examinations and transfer certificate will be issued only after clearing all the dues to the library.

18. The members of teaching staff are allowed to borrow ten books and non-teaching staffs are allowed to borrow 3 books at a time, due date is 30 days from the date of issue.

19. A member of staff who takes leave for more than one month must return all the books borrowed from library before proceeding on leave.

20. Students and staff are directed to carry their identity cards while visiting the library.