Workshop on “Unlocking your Research potential: AI powered Tools for Computer Science Papers”

PG Department of Computer science organized a workshop on  “Unlocking your research potential: AI-Powered tools for Computer Science Papers “ on 25 october 2023 for MSc Computer Science students. Mr. Afsal CP (Research Scholar, Pondicherry University) was the resource person. The program was officially inaugurated by principal, Prof(Dr.)Muhammed Basheer Ummathur.

The program aimed to empower students with AI-driven tools and techniques to enhance their research capabilities in computer science. Through a combination of informative sessions and practical demonstrations, participants gained valuable insights into AI’s role in streamlining literature reviews, citation management, data analysis, and writing assistance. The program received positive feedback from participants, who appreciated the practical knowledge and skills they acquired, reinforcing the relevance and significance of AI-powered tools in modern research within the field of computer science.

The program was coordinated by Mrs. Jashira P(Asst. Professor(Ad hoc), PG department of Computer science). The program was ended with the vote of thanks by Ms. Shahana Sherin KT (Student coordinator).

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