The Innovation and Incubation Center of the Home Science Department organized a workshop on ‘Tote Bag Construction’ on 20th October 2023. Alumni who have already ventured into the field of tote bag manufacturing are invited to share their experiences, provide mentorship, and offer industry insights to the current generation of students. The resource persons of the workshop were  Adithya. K, Anjana.K, Kavya. P, Mridula. P and AS. Hridya of the 2020–2023 batch of BSc FCS (They started a start up named as Rad Hub). The workshop was inaugurated by Principal Prof. (Dr.) Muhammed Basheer Ummathur. The primary objective of the workshop on tote bag construction within the Innovation and Incubation Centre is to equip students with practical and entrepreneurial skills, fostering creativity, design aptitude, and an understanding of sustainable manufacturing. By creating a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement, the initiative aims to empower students to develop their own brand of tote bags or start their own small-scale businesses. And they also sold their bags at the incubation center. The sales were jointly inaugurated by the Principal Prof. (Dr.) Muhammed Basheer Ummathur and Manager Er. O Abdul Ali sir. 72 students participated in the workshop. Ms. Loosiya KP and Ms. Arshida VP (5th Sem BSc FCS) were the faculty and student coordinators, respectively.

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