Vimukti Against Drugs – One-Day Workshop – Unity NSS Volunteers’ Active Participation Stands Out

The Kerala State Excise Department, in collaboration with Vimukti Mission, organized a one-day workshop aimed at combating drug abuse in the Manjeri constituency, with the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This successful event took place at the Manjeri Press Club.

The National Service Scheme units 008 and 171 of Korambayil Ahmad Haji Memorial Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, played a significant role in coordinating the workshop, centered around the theme ‘ Madurataram Gramam Lahari Vimuktam’. During the meeting, the urgent need to collectively address the severe issue of drug abuse affecting the region was underscored.

Commencing at 10 am and concluding at 12:30 pm, the program featured Manjeri Municipality Chairperson Subaida V.M. presiding over the event, along with Manjeri Excise Department Circle Inspector Shiju E.T., who emphasized the necessity of unified action to combat the drug epidemic.The workshop was inaugurated by Manjeri MLA Adv.UA Lathif, and it witnessed the participation of various heads and representatives from different institutions, including the Principal of Unity College, Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur.

The primary objective of this workshop was to bring together various stakeholders, including residents’ association members, educators, students, and politicians, to exchange ideas and policies aimed at eradicating drug abuse and promoting an anti-drug environment in Kerala. Participants were organized into groups, and each group presented their ideas, which were documented by excise officials.Assistant Excise Inspector Anish Kumar Puthilan expressed gratitude to the Unity NSS team for their active involvement in the event.

The innovative ideas generated during Vimukti Mission’s one-day workshop represent a significant stride towards a drug-free Kerala. This endeavor also contributes to the vision of a drug-free Manjeri.

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