Share and Care

Share and Care was introduced as an innovative campus philanthropic project during 2016-17 by the IQAC to make students and staff, empathizing and caring for the underprivileged lives around. The idea was conceptualized by the then IQAC coordinator Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur and Shahina Mol A. K., Convenor of Criterion VII, Innovations and Best Practices- 2016-17. “Save ten rupee per month, save the lives around” is the motto of the programme. Shahina Mol A. K., introduced the name for the project and she also served as the founding coordinator of the venture. Faculty members have also been contributing their shares. During the year of introduction, different departments jointly collaborated with IQAC to implement the event. The project is identified as one of the best practices of the college and has been continuing successfully. Different kinds of welfare projects have been undertaken under the aegis of Share and Care with the leadership of IQAC coordinators and convenors, students’ representatives, faculty coordinators and Heads of the departments through the support of entire students and staff. Mr Shabeer Mon M, Convenor, Criterion VII of IQAC is serving as the coordinator of the project during 2022-23.