Unity College NSS Celebrates India’s Constitution Day

On November 27, 2023, our National Service Scheme (NSS) team proudly orchestrated a commemoration of India’s Constitution Day. The event was meticulously coordinated under the astute guidance of our unit’s leadership. The proceedings commenced with a heartfelt welcome by Fatima Thasni, followed by an inspiring inaugural address delivered by Principal Dr. Muhammad Basheer Ummathur. He delivered a compelling address underscoring the significance of the Constitution in contemporary times.Dr. V. Hikmathulla, the NSS Program Officer, also shared enlightening insights about Constitutional values during the event. A pivotal aspect of our celebration involved NSS volunteers passionately engaging in a reading of the Preamble to the Constitution. Ramyasree read out the  Preamble which was followed by the volunteers. Jasira Begum, Nandana Das, Amna, and Rinsha played integral roles as they presided over the ceremony, contributing significantly to the depth and resonance of the occasion.

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