The Fundamentals of Astrochemistry

On March 2nd, 2024, in commemoration of National Science Day, the Chemistry Club of the Department of Chemistry and the Science Club collaboratively organized a stimulating talk on the fundamentals of Astrochemistry. The event, conducted via Google Meet at 7:30 PM, featured Ms. Omniyah Ummer, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic fourth-semester BSc. Chemistry student, as the resource person. The talk aimed to shed light on the intriguing intersection between chemistry and astronomy, exploring the composition, reactions, and processes occurring in the vast expanse of space. Ms. Ummer captivated the audience with her insightful explanations, delving into topics such as the formation of complex molecules in interstellar space and their role in the origins of life. Attendees were left with a newfound appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of scientific inquiry and the wonders of the cosmos. The event served as an excellent platform for students and enthusiasts alike to engage in meaningful discussions and foster a deeper understanding of Astrochemistry.


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