The following winners received the prizes/ certificates during the event organized by women cell

Winners of photography competition

  1. Shahna P- A. History
  2. Ansheera CM- Sc. FCS
  3. Fathima Najva- A. History

Special Jury appreciation

Shabna Basheer, B.Sc.Computer Science Loosiya KP: Faculty member FCS

Winners of Yoga Quiz Competition

First prize winner:

Afla Hanna, B.Sc. Psychology

Second Prize Winners:

Fathima Febna, B.A. History and Jumana Jabin, B.Sc. FCS

Winner of Bicycle Story Writing

Shahana Sherin

Second Year B.A. History

Winners of Letter to the father competition organized by Women Cell

  1. Anju Balakrishnan , II Sem Sc. Chemistry
  2. Mubeena A M, III Sem Sc. Chemistry
  3. Shahada K P, IV Sem A. English

Special appreciation

  1. Najiya T. K., B.Sc. Psychology

( Entry is selected in Voices of Unity, Broadcasting Day programme of Manjeri FM)

  1. Minnath Beevi for compering Women Cell programs

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