Parent teacher association is actively functioning in the college. It has a routine of analyzing the progress of students and facilitating the academic and physical requirements of the college. Being a member of PTA, parent of each student is entitled an important role in the governance of the college. The action plan is prepared in general body meetings and is executed by PTA executive committee.

The executive committee consists of 12 parents and 10 teachers. Principal of the college is acting as the ex-officio president of the association. Vice President is elected from parents and secretary from teachers.

PTA Executive Committee  2022-23

Teacher Members
SL. No. Name Position in PTA Designation in the College Phone Number
1 Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur President Principal 9446885154
2 Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem C Secretary Asst. Professor of Physics 9746306236
3 Mr. Muhammedali P Treasurer Asst. Professor of English 9496073385
4 Dr. Usman A Member Asst. Professor of Botany 9446973230
5 Dr. Annie Ninan Member Asso. Professor of FCS 9495090102
6 Mr. Shabeermon M Member Asst. Professor of History 7907650466
7 Ms. Sangeeta K Member Asst. Professor of English 9567084564


Parent Members
Sl. No. Name of Parent Position in PTA Name of Student Class Phone Number
1 Mr. V M Mustafa Vice President Fathima Sana VM III sem B.Sc. Psychology 9400100400
2 Mr. T Ali Joint Secretary Fathima Nida III sem B.Sc. FCS 9995123674
3 Mr. Salih VM Member Saleekha VM III sem B.Sc. Chemistry 9946021010
4 Ms. Mumtaz Member Neha III Sem BA History 9746016107
5 Mr. Hassan Kodakkadan Member Raheela Tiba III Sem Msc. Home Science 9745117838
6 Mr. Adham Thanari Member Nithasha T V Sem FCS 9895181898

Report of Activities

  1. Class-wise parents meeting to discuss the progress of each and student
  2. PTA Scholarships, a total of Rs:117000/- (Rupees one lakh seventeen thousand only) to 78 students.
  3. PTA Awards to winners of Top score in university examination from 2015-18 batch of all programmes
  4. Financial Assistance to very poor students: Rs: 30000/- (rupees thirty thousand only)
  5. Enhancing academic facilities: Computers for student project works and ICT facilities to departments
  6. Financial assistance to seminars, exhibition etc. Rs; 20000/-
  7. UV water purifier with 150 litres storage capacity and 50 litres/hour filtering speed.
  8. Financial support to temporary faculty.
PTA 2017-18
  1. PTA scholarships Rs: 39000/-
  2. Construction of college canteen building completed
PTA 2016-17
  1. PTA Scholarships R: 37000/-
  2. Construction of college canteen building started
PTA 2015-16
  1. Financial support to temporary faculty
  2. Up gradation of class room facilities with white board and fan.
  3. PTA scholarships Rs:34000/-
  4. Construction of social cohesion corner
PTA 2014-15
  1. PTA Scholarships 34000/-
PTA 2013-14
  1. Scholarships
  2. Transportation facility

The annual general body meeting was held on 24/06/2019. Receipts and disbursements for the year 208-19 were presented by the secretary and were ratified by the general body. The executive committee for the year 2019-20 was elected unanimously. The following parents were elected as executive committee members:

  1. Sri. Hassan Kodakkadan
  2. Sri. Hamza C Mongam
  3. Sri. Ibrahim Kutty N C
  4. Sri. N T Mohammed
  5. Sri. Muhammedali P
  6. Sri. Illyas PK
  7. Sri. E Abdul Salam
  8. Sri. Abdul Azeez Cherani
  9. Sri. Muhammed Ashraf
  10. Smt. Raseena
  11. Smt. Nisha Rafeeque Kakkadampolyil
  12. Sri. Enudheen

The following teachers also were elected to the executive committee:

  1. Sri. Muhammed Abdul Hakkeem C
  2. Dr. Usman A
  3. Sri. Muhammedali P
  4. Dr. A C Meera Devi
  5. Dr. Jyothi P
  6. Dr. Annie Ninan
  7. Smt. Aswathy MP
  8. Sri. Shabeer Mon
  9. Sri. TT Abdul Razak

Sri. Muhammed Abdul hakkeem C, Asst. Professor of Physics was elected as the PTA Secretary for this year.

As per the resolutions made by the executive committee meeting held on 05/07/2019, an amount of Rs: 240000/- (Rupees two lakhs and fourty thousand only) ie, half of the total down payment, was spent for a new college bus, in order to upgrade the conveyance facility of the college. An orientation programme about the NAAC re-accreditation was conducted for parents on 12/07/2019. Parents actively participated in the parent interaction of the NAAC peer team during their visit to our college.

As per the resolutions made by the executive committee meeting held on 20/09/2019, a petition was filed to the superintendent of District Police , in co-operation with college union, seeking police assistance at ‘Alukkal’ during selected hours of working days, in order to rectify the problem of reluctance of private buses to absorb students from ‘Alukkal’.

An amount of Rs: 2500/- was contributed by PTA towards ‘Unity Flood Relief Activity’ at Nilambur.

Class-wise parents meetings were held on 5th Dec 2019, in all departments. The event was co-ordinated by the heads of respective departments.

The executive meeting held on 12/02/2020 has decided to give away PTA Merit Scholarships of Rs: 2000/- each to one student from all UG and PG classes of our college. This will sum up to a total of Rs: 82000/-.

Financial assistance was given by PTA to different types of activities conducted by various departments as follows:

  • Mathematic – Rs: 3000/-
  • Chemistry – Rs: 10000/-
  • English – Rs: 8000/-

The meeting on 12/02/2020 urged the management committee to take serious and immediate action against the quarry working beside the college as a threat to the lives of whole staff and students.


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