Bhoomithra Sena Club (BMC)

For strengthening the environmental commitment of students at college level in the State, Directorate of Environment & Climate Change (DoECC), Govt. of Kerala, has launched the ‘Bhoo Mithra Sena’ programme. As a part of this programme, Bhoo Mithra Sena Clubs (BMCs) are established at colleges in all districts of the State. The major objectives of the club is to encourage the students to appreciate environment, to provide environmental education opportunities for students and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality, to utilize the enormous manpower available with students as conduits for awareness of the society, to make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles and to improve the overall environmental quality of the institution. BMC wing organizes seminars, lectures, talks, conducting awareness camps, observance of environmentally significant days, field visits to local environmentally important sites etc.

BMC Activities



Natural Handmade Soap Making Workshop

‘Natural Handmade Soap Making Workshop’ On 26th March 2024, Biodiversity Club and Bhoo Mithra Sena Club conducted an event...