Grievance Redressal Cell

Fortification and assurance of human rights is necessary for the holistic development of an individual’s personality. Academic progress can only happen in an environment where an individual is assured of justice and fairness. To this end and in compliance with University Grants Commission directives, KAHM Unity Women’s College has constituted a Grievance Redressal Cell with a systematic mechanism for the redressal of students’ grievances. It generally discusses the various basic problems of the students and any unhealthy relationship between the students, students and teachers or students and non-teaching staff of the college and suggest and implement remedial measures. The cell desires to maintain and promote an unprejudiced educational environment. It enables a student to express feelings by initiating and pursuing the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of the college. The cell enquires and analyses the nature and seriousness of the grievances lodged by the students in a strictly confidential manner. The main objectives of the cell are to encourage the students to express their problems freely and openly without any fear of being victimized, to make officials of the college responsive, accountable and courteous in dealing with the students, and to ensure effective solution to the students’ grievances with an impartial and fair approach.