Skills Savvy Session

The Skill Savvy Session held at College auditorium on 09/02/2024 ( Friday) aimed to equip college students with essential life skills to enhance their personal and academic development.The session was organized by Mrs. Muheena Thasneem KT, counselor of jeevani centre for students well-being, focused on providing practical tools and strategies for students to navigate various aspects of both college and personal life successfully. The session highlights were students interactions, sharing their experience and interesting activities, which included different skills under 3 areas, social skills, Thinking skills and emotional skills. Feedback from participants indicated a positive response to the Skill Savvy Session, with many expressing appreciation for the practical nature of the workshop and its relevance to their college experience. Participants reported feeling more equipped to manage their emotions, communicate confidently, and approach challenges proactively. In conclusion, the Skill Savvy Session served as a valuable platform for college students to acquire essential life skills and foster personal development. The jeevani centre for students well-being remains commited to organizing such sessions to empower students and promote their overall success in college and beyond.


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