SAY “NO TO PLASTIC” – Debate Competition 12th September 2023

As a part of Puneet Sagar Abhiyan G20 celebration, the cadets of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri conducted a debate on Role of G-20 and leadership promoted to India specially regarding environment protection with special reference to Plastic Pollution. The debate was very effective for the cadets as they understand the importances. This structure should provide a solid foundation for a lecture debate on the role of the G-20 and India’s leadership in environmental protection, specifically concerning plastic pollution. Remember to provide supporting data, examples, and counterarguments to make presentation well-rounded and informative. This competition not only encouraged critical thinking and communication skills among NCC cadets but also empowered them to take up active roles as responsible stewards of the environment in their communities and beyond. Associated NCC Officer, Lt. Loosiya KP and UO Ajna KP(5th Sem BCom Cooperation) were the faculty and student coordinators respectively.


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