Quizzy Rivals- Keralathe Ariyan

PG department of commerce hosted a quiz competition namely ‘Quizzy Rivals- Keralathe Ariyan’ on Thursday, November 2, 2023, to celebrate Kerala Piravi. The event was hosted for the first and second-year BCom cooperation students in Room No A-305, as a part of the Commerce association at 2.50 pm. It aimed to enhance students’ knowledge about Kerala’s rich history, culture, and heritage while providing a platform for friendly competition. The competition featured multiple rounds covering a wide range of topics related to Kerala, including history, geography, culture, famous personalities, and current affairs. Total students were grouped into 11 teams from A to F. After multiple round competition, Team A and F came as winners. Dr. Febina. K (Assistant Professor- Adhoc, Department of Commerce) coordinated the event. A total of 120 students participated. Fathima Nitha. V, association secretary of Bcom Cooperation was the student coordinator.

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