Quantum Dots Illuminated:Decoding the Chemistry Nobel prize 2023 Date:23/11/2023

The Chemistry Department organized a seminar on “Quantum Dots Illuminated: Decoding the Chemistry Nobel prize 2023,”on 23rd November 2023 at 2:50 pm in AC seminar hall. Adhil Kabeer, BSMS-IISER Bopal was the resource person. He gave a comprehensive introduction to quantum dots, which was awarded nobel prize in 2023 shedding light on their size-dependent properties and the profound impact of quantum confinements.I t was a wonderful session which was coordinated by the teacher coordinator Dr Jamsheena V and student Coordinator Ms Omniyah Ummer of 3rd Sem bsc chemistry. Omniyah was the host of the programme and the welcome speech session was carried out by Dr Deepa the vote of thanks was delivered by Irfana of 5th sem bsc chemistry. The class was really helpful and interactive that made the students aware about the advancements in the world of chemistry and also knew how useful this nobel prize work is for mankind.

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