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Principal's Message

Warm Greetings to All!

          Trailing the clouds of glory, Korambayil Ahamed Haji Memorial Unity women’s College, Manjeri has celebrated its silver jubilee. Since its establishment, we cherished and propagated the message of non-discrimination so as to fulfill the dreams like freedom and equality for women through education. In addition to the tremendous effort that we put to transact the curriculum in its entirety, the institution has instilled the spirit of empowerment by means of co-curricular activities. Fortunately, the goals that we set are proved real through the remarkable effort of the committed team consisting of management committee, faculty members, non teaching staff and the well wishers. By collaborating with stalwarts of academics, we promote cross cultural and transnational exchanges.

          We aim to cultivate a healthy, egalitarian environment and continue to encourage the skillful students who proved merits in arts and sports. Addressing the concerns and disseminating the claims of female solidarity, the institution maintains its unending quest for excellence. We are immensely glad and grateful to the enthusiastic cooperation of the community of students who made the vision real. Let this euphoric sense of achievement broadcast the values of tolerance and perseverance through our students who build the future of the world.

          KAHM Unity Women’s College has been the choice of ambitious students. Investing your talent in an institution is a major decision. Investing your talent at KAHM Unity Women’s College is a decision that you will never regret.

With best regards,

Dr.C .Saidalavi, M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.


Personal Profile

Department ARABIC
Mobile Number 9446666684
Residential Address MUTTIPALAM, PO MANJERI 676121
Date of Birth 10/10/1965
Date of Joining 01/06/1992
Total Teaching Experience UG (27 year) PG ( 2 years)
E-mail ID drceeyes@gmail.com
Subject with Specialization Modern Arabic prose Fiction

Educational and Professional Qualifications

# Degree Name Specialization University
1 B.A. Arabic University of Calicut
2 M.A. Arabic Language & Literature University of Calicut
3 B.Ed. Arabic as Method of teaching University of Calicut
4 Diploma Commercial Arabic University of Calicut
5 Ph.D. Modern Arabic Prose University of Calicut

Refresher/ Orientation courses attended

# Type of Programme University/Institution Period
1 Refresher Course University of Calicut 1996
2 Refresher Course Jamia Millia Islamia Central University 1997
3 Refresher Course Jamia Millia Islamia Central University 1999
4 Short Term Course for PLs Jawaharlal Nehru University 2015
5 Short Term Course MES KVM College Valancheri 2017
6 Short Term Course MES KVM College Valancheri 2018
7 Short Term Course PSMO College Tirurangadi 2018

Seminars, Conference, Workshops/Symposia Attended

# Type Theme/ Title Resource Person/ Participant Organizing Institution Period
1 National Seminar Indo Arabic Literature RP MES Mampad College ,Department of Arabic University 19,20 Feb 2014
2 National Seminar Contribution of Malabar to Arabic Poetry RP MEASS College, Areacode 12,13 March 2014
3 Conference Higher Education To wards Transition Participant St.Theresa’s College Ernankulam 26 April 2014
4 Conference Participant KSHEC 29May 2014
5 International Seminar Arabic Language and Contemtopay View RP Department of Arabic University of Kerala 5,7 Feb 2015
6 Work-shop Participant ASC University of Kerala 19,20 Feb 2015
7 Conference Institutional quality in Educational Participant KSHEC Thiruvanathapuram 21,22 April 2015
8 Work Shop Effective Governance of Education Participant ST.Therasas College Ernankulam 21 Nov 2015
9 Conference Emerging trends in higher Education Participant St. Thersas College Ernankulam 23 April 2016
10 Work Shop Teaching Method Psychological Perspective Participant KAHM Unity Women’s College 6 Sept 2016
11 Work Shop Effective institutional governance Participation St.Thomas College Thrissur 10 Dec 2016
12 National Seminar Modern Arabic Novel Inauguration PTM College PDMNA 23,24,25 Jan 2017
13 Conference Excellence in Higher Education Participation S Theras College Ernankulam 27 May 2017
14 Work Shop Changing Parameter of Quality assessment Participation TKM College Kollam 25 Nov 2017
15 Work Shop Revision of Core and Common Course - Arabic Participation KAHM Unity Women’s College 31 Jan 2018
16 Conference Restoration of Values in society Participation Marian College Kuttikanam 1,2 May 2018
17 National Conference Higher Education for componteroy People and developing index Presentation Jamini Kant BEd College \Jamshad Pur 7,9 Sept 2018
18 Conference New Trends in Education Participation MES College Aluva 5 Nov 2018
19 Work Shop Embracing Technology in higher Education University of Calicut 24 Nov 2018

Participation in College Level & University Level Academic and Co-Curricular Activities

1.Attended the meeting of SIGN at calicut on 12/12/2015 at Calicut

2.Honored Calicut University VC at college on 25/12/2015

3.Held UGC Net Exam at college on 27/12/2015

4.Held the Blind day Celebration at college on 4/1/2016

5.Held the interview of Sign at college on 20/6/2016

6.Attended Principal interview at MES office calicut 15/2/2016

7.Conducted a medical camp to students at college on 30/3/2016

8.Program conducted at college Green Campus on 14/12/2016

9.House of Pandapilakkal Ahamed Kutty repired as part of Nirmidhi 8/2/17

10.Conducted a test of Postel Department at College 4/5/2017

11.Conducted the Programme of “വനയിത്ര” award 5/6/17

12.Conducted the Programme of “Speak for India “ 12/10/2017

13.Held Sign convocation on 25/10/2017

14.Programme conducted -drug free campus -ഋഷിരാജ് സിംഗ് 11/1/2018

15.Presided in the meeting of ED club 27/9/2018

16.White cane day Programme Inaugurated 15/10/2018

17.Inaugurated ICDS programme on 3/11/2018

Research Experience: Thesis Details


Title Development of Modern Arabic Prose Fiction
Subject Arabic
Faculty Language and Literature

Research Experience: Projects Details

Type Major / Minor
Title Critical re consideration of Madrasa System - in the study of Arabic Language among muslim of Kerala in general and MPM District in Particular
Order No HRD(H) 352/12 13 KLCA045/UGC SWRO dt:29/03/2013
Amount 14,000/-

List of Papers Published

# Name of the Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
1 Kidhmath al Khadharamiyyin fi Thathawuri allugha al arabiya fi Kerala Assahahi Buhuth 2454/7824 Vol I Jan 2016
2 Al Riwayi - Henna mina wa musahamatuhu… Kalikoot quarterly Arabic journal ISSN 2278/7646 Vol-6 issue 3 Sept 2016
3 Al Kadhayal ijthimahiya fi C Riwaya at Arabiya Hakeemul Hind -research jounal 2347/2057 3rd edition Dec 2016
4 Fannu riwaya al Arabiya wa ahlamuha Al Muasirron fi suriya Majalla Al saban Lil Bahuth 2454/7824 Vol II Jan 2017
5 Al wasahila thahleemiyya Istahmalaha Rasul…… Kalikoot Vol VI Jan 2016
6 Anasira Tabeeha ….. Kalikoot Vol VIII May 2018

List of Seminar Proceeding Published

# Name of the Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
1 Contribution of thangal Family to the development of Arabic language and the history their arrival to Kerala Indo Arabic Literature NIL 2014 P32

Books / Chapter Publication Details

# Book / Chapter Name Publisher Name ISSN / ISBN Year
1 Book Al Huda Calicut NIL 2014
2 Book Al Huda Calicut NIL 2015