PG Dept. of Home Science 28 November 2023——————————————- UG and PG Students of the Home Science Department donated ‘Pothichoru’ (packed lunches) to Shalom Matha Bhavan, Cherani, Manjeri on 28th November 2023. It was implemented as a community welfare programme with a motive to distribute ‘Pothichoru’ to Shalomatha Bhavan. Shalomatha Bhavan, run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters Association, is a home for mentally ill and destitute women with around 68 inmates. A total of 55 packed lunches were donated. Ms. Loosiya KP, Assistant Professor Adhoc, and Ms. Ayisha Fidha (3rd Sem MSc Home Science – Nutrition & Dietetics) were the faculty and student coordinators, respectively.

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