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Department of Physics

The department was started in 1999. The course offered is subsidiary (complementary) course for B.Sc. Computer Science (Main) and B.Sc. Chemistry (Main) students. As per schemes and syllabus of University of Calicut the subjects are taught in first four semesters of the program.

Our Vision

1.To contribute to the development of humanity by effectively manipulating the universe.
2. To generate exhaustive interest in physics.
3. To integrate the modern methods of teaching and learning.

Our Mission

1. To generate new concepts with practical thinking and multidimensional applicability of of physics in other science programmes.
2. Organising seminars/workshops on relevant themes.
3. To develop problem solving skill and experimental skill .
4. To provide a scientific perception of nature and natural phenomena.



B.Sc. Physics 2014 Admission

B.Sc. Physics 2020 Admission

Programme Outcomes (POs), Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Course Outcomes (COs)

POs, PSOs and COs


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