Pattarkulam Umbrella Stone Must be preserved -History Association

The History Association of Manjeri KAHM Unity Women’s College has demanded that the Kodakallu, a remnant of Megalithic period located at Pattarkulam, should be preserved. This Stone built Kudakallu, situated on a paddy field 200 meters away from Patarkulam Angadi, had used to bury human dead bodies during the Megalithic period. The Kerala government has decided to declare this Kudakall as a protected monument in 2020. But the related work has not progressed till now. The information is that the owners have informed to give away the place where the stone is located and the road at 3 meters wide.

          In ancient times, bodies buried in Nannangadi, were surrounded by three or four big pieces of stones and a mushroom-shaped lid on top. Unity Women’s College Department of History has urged that such monuments, which shed light on an era, need to be preserved. The students have decided to put up a sign board at Patarkulam.. The students and teachers of BA third year history department visited Patarkulam Kudakallam on 13 th September 2022.


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