Palestine Solidarity Programme at Manjeri Bus stand.

The Unity College NSS team orchestrated a compelling Palestine solidarity Programme at Manjeri Seethi Haji bus stand on 20 November 2023.Fathima Thasni graciously welcomed attendees, while NSS Program Officer Dr. V. Hikmathulla delivered an introductory speech. Dr. A.K. Shahina Mol, head of the English department, delivered a powerful keynote address.

NSS volunteers astounded the audience with a poignant street play, vividly portraying the distressing realities of the Palestinian war. Dilna, Asla TK, Fatima Fida, Shabiba, Rifa, Salha, Hana, Sanina, Rasha, Diya, Rishila, Naja, Najia, Sadia, Adila, and Ninsha showcased remarkable performances during the event.

The students collectively vowed against the warfare and occupation inflicted by Israel. The event also showcased a presentation of Palestinian poetry, with Dr. Jasna VC, Jasira Begum, Nandana Das, Amna, and Rinsha at the helm of the program.

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