Organic Univegetable Garden 2023

On 21st November 2023, PG Department of Botany restarted organic farming (Organic Univegetable Garden) with an objective of giving students first-hand experience in nature and gardening by providing a phase of manual training on usage of tools and implements in the gardening processes together with the preparation of cultivating soil. Dr. Usman A. (Head of the Department) inaugurated the experiential learning event by planting the Tomato seedling in the organic cultivating area of Polyhouse that was purchased from Daliya Nursery and Garden, Anakkayam, Manjeri. As per the advice provided by the gardener, First Semester B.Sc. Botany students helped to prepare the cultivating area and planted the vegetable seedlings viz. Lycopersicum esculentum, Capsicum annuum, Abelmoschus esculentus and Vigna unguiculata properly in the drip irrigated site. On the completion of the programme, the students developed critical understanding on various aspects of agronomy and realized the role of organic farming to maintain environment health by reducing the level of pollution.

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