One-day international conference

Koramabayil Ahamed Haji Memorial Unity Women’s College organized a one-day international conference on December 20, 2023, focusing on international student exchange, particularly highlighting the “Sakura Science Exchange Program” by the Japan Science and Technology, Government of Japan (JST). The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Anitha Beegam, Principal Incharge, with Dr. Hashim P.K., Assistant Professor at RIES, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, serving as the keynote speaker. Dr. Hashim addressed various research schemes, emphasizing the significance of the Sakura Science Exchange Program, which facilitates selected students to engage in research in Japanese laboratories and institutes with financial support from the Japanese government. Active participation was observed from students and teaching faculties of various colleges, including MES Kalladi College, Mannarkkad, MES Mampad College, Valanchery College, Ponnani College, and Farook College (Autonomous) Kozhikode. The program received accolades from Dr. Jyothi, PTA Secretary, Dr. Shahina Mol, IQAC Coordinator, and Ms. ASLA, Student Union Chairperson. Dr. Usman A., Coordinator, delivered the welcome address, and the vote of thanks was officially extended by Dr. Muhammed Musthafa T.N.

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