NSS volunteers’ involvement in the differently abled children’s art festival of Malappuram Block Panchayath

The NSS volunteers of KAHM Unity women’s college Manjeri took an active role in organizing and facilitating the differently abled children’s art festival held at the Machingal MSM Auditorium Malappuram on Tuesday, December 5, 2023. The event was a collaborative effort between the Malappuram Block Panchayat and the Differently Abled Child Development Authority. From 9 am to 5 pm, our dedicated volunteers demonstrated commendable commitment and enthusiasm throughout the event. Their active presence and involvement significantly contributed to the smooth execution and success of the festival. They actively engaged in various tasks, ensuring the event’s seamless operation and support for the participating differently abled children. The NSS volunteers’ unwavering dedication and support exemplify their commitment to community service and inclusive initiatives. Their participation in this event not only underscored the importance of community engagement but also highlighted the potential for nurturing creativity and empowerment among differently abled individuals.

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