NSS Units conducted a nature trip to Nilambur forest

NSS Units( no. 008 and  171)  of our college, conducted  a nature trip to nilambur forest. It was a  two day study  camp as  part of the Biodiversity and Environmental studies.it was  held at the Nature Study Centre NILAMBUR  named chanthrakantham.,on 2nd and 3rd July 2022.  39 students and 5 teaching staff are  Participated in the camp.

Experience note of Nida Abdul Razak,3rd sem, BSc chemistry,

“The Nature I Saw”

That one-day camp last week was the day that taught me to love nature. That short break in life between the afternoon of the 3rd of July and the afternoon of the 4th completely calmed my mind. It was a golden opportunity for us as NSS volunteers to get a closer look at the forest which is full of great wonders. When I came to know that the camp is in Nilambur, I was curious to go. Because we all think that the mullein in the yard has no smell. But that jasmine had a scent I had never smelled anywhere else.

Each of us found Chandrakantham, a nature study center headed by Jayaprakash sir popularly known as JP, as our own home. From there, the Kanana paths that went to Chaliyar for bathing made us understand that there are so many varieties of sounds. As instructed by JP sir, I closed my eyes and listened keenly for the sounds of the forest, and some beautiful sounds reached my ears from among the mysteries of the forest. A lot of birds and leaves and the rustling of the river and the sleepless chives…..

We called the pipe that way Sirat Bridge. The walk over it was very interesting. The moment everyone called out to God at the same time. It is covering an aspect of life. That night, Satish sir and we enjoyed our little skills together. Then in JP sir’s class, we got the great knowledge that behind every drop of water we drink, even a tiger has a role. After that class, sleep came with many. At eleven o’clock the mat spread and that sleep with friends was beautiful.

That Sunday morning walk to Chaliyar was quite an adventure. We made it fun by falling and rolling in the mud. Later went to Nedunkayam. The final resting place for the memory of E V DAVIDSON (British forest engineer), the tribal school, the tribal colony and Anakkottil-Elephant training centre- all made Nedunkayam different. Even I, who live near the river, realized that the river has so much beauty. Trying to cross the river by holding the hands of those who were with me in the torrent gave me a lot of joy. Those who hesitated to take a bath while returning from there, including myself, were pained to miss the bath in the river. I had read quite a bit about eating like a king as JP sir said, a homely meal served with love in the camp. The dish that attracted us was chappi(herbal drink) and ilayada.

The journey through the jungle filled with all aspects of nature was very enjoyable.

This learning center, which aims to mold individuals with green convictions in the society, gave us a completely different experience. Those who do not know the wonder of forest beauty must experience it because it is so delicious that these words cannot describe it.Thanking you in the language of love to those who have cooperated in every way for the camp.

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