NSS Seven Day Special Camp (inakkam) -22- 28 December 2023

The primary objective was to rejuvenate the educational system through active social involvement and promote eco-friendly living, fostering mental and physical health, and nurturing leadership traits among students. Under the overarching theme ‘Youth with pollution-free new Kerala,’ the NSS camp of Calicut University aimed to identify and transform polluted areas into Sneharamams, contributing to the Garbage Free Navakeralam campaign. Activities included cleaning areas from Variyal near Kallitump School to Angadi, beautifying a Sneharam in Mullampara Variyal area, painting classrooms for LP students, and conducting awareness sessions on election participation, consent, and anti-intoxication.

Key Activities and Schedule:


Day 1 (22nd December 2023)

– Registration, flag hoisting, inaugural session, and various activities led by distinguished guests and officials.


Day 2 to Day 6 (23rd to 27th December 2023)

– Each day commenced with early morning routines, followed by yoga, breakfast, assembly, project activities, breaks, guest sessions, prayer, dinner, performances, and reviews.


Day 7 (28th December 2023)

– Started with campus cleaning, followed by evaluation sessions, and the inauguration of Sneharam and beautified classrooms.


The camp welcomed 102 female students and featured diverse sessions, including yoga, project work, creative sessions, local surveys, cultural programs, educational visits, and self-exploration discussions led by various experts and educators.

The closing session included a comprehensive evaluation and inaugurated the Sneharam and beautified classrooms, emphasizing the commitment to a cleaner and greener environment.

Overall, the camp successfully achieved its objectives by promoting active student participation, environmental awareness, and personal development, showcasing the commitment of the NSS unit towards community service and social responsibility.


The inauguration was graciously executed by Adv. U. A. Latheef MLA,

The camp preparation led by Mr. Naufal, the District Coordinator of NSS, focused on two pivotal aspects: Ice Breaking and Group Dynamics. Mr. Sameer Binsi, a revered Sufiyana Khavali singer, delivered an engaging and spiritually enriching talk that intertwined various facets of life, travel, memory, and the essence of Sufism.Sahla Parappan, a seasoned traveler and influential vlogger, delivered an inspiring session that delved into critical aspects of self-sufficiency, decision-making, anti-gender discrimination, and the empowerment of women.Shadia P.K., a distinguished digital creator and disabled activist, delivered an enlightening session that resonated deeply with attendees.Mr. Salman E.K, a seasoned educator and proficient trainer, conducted an engaging session that navigated the intricate realms of self-exploration.Mr. Anees puthusseri, the Coordinator of the Sanitation Mission in Manjeri, delivered an enlightening session centered on advocating for a plastic-free lifestyle.

Mr. Ismail, an Assistant Professor of Geography at HM College in Manjeri and a passionate theatre activist, delivered an insightful session on the profound relationship between theatre and personality development.

Sadarudheen Karakkunnu and Ameen Karakkunnu, renowned theatre trainers and esteemed educationalists, conducted a captivating theatre workshop that showcased the immense talent of the participating students. Engaging Theatre Workshop.As part of a 7-day NSS camp, volunteers embarked on a journey to explore the anappara near mullampara.Anzer R N, the State NSS Officer, and Dr. C.R. Ajith, the Coordinator of NSS at IHRD, undertook a significant visit to the NSS 7-Day Camp on December 27, 2023. Their visit aimed to observe the camp’s proceedings and engage with volunteers, imparting encouragement and inspiration.

Their keen observation led to positive and commendable remarks about the organization, enthusiasm, and dedication.The Sneharamam project, a transformative initiative aimed at converting polluted spaces into beautiful gardens, was successfully completed by the dedicated efforts of NSS volunteers from Unity College. The inauguration of Sneharamam, located at the roadside in Mullampara Variyal area, marked a significant achievement in the endeavor to create a garbage-free and aesthetically pleasing environment. Under the leadership of the Department of Higher Education, Local Self-Governments, Sanitation Mission, and the National Service Scheme (NSS), Unity College NSS volunteers took proactive steps to identify polluted areas and rejuvenate them into Sneharamams. The inauguration of this specific Sneharamam in Mullampara Variyal area was graced by Rahim Puthukkolli, Standing Committee Chairman of Health. Manjeri Municipality. The altruistic endeavors of NSS volunteers from Unity College shone brightly as they dedicated their time and effort to revamp the wall of first and second standard classrooms at A.M.U.P. School in Mullampara.On December 25th, NSS Camp organized Christmas celebrations.During the seven-day NSS camp, every morning, newspapers were published in the assembly. Each day, the vibrant activities were beautifully presented by the volunteers in a delightful and engaging manner. Every team took turns to prepare the newspaper, ensuring a diverse coverage of activities, making each day’s presentation distinct and captivating.NSS Volunteers organized a gathering of senior citizens in the vicinity of the NSS camp at Mulampara. It aimed to create a platform for older individuals in the community to engage, discussing both past experiences and future endeavors, transforming it into an exemplary forum bridging the gap between generations.NSS Volunteers organized a children’s festival associated with the NSS camp of the Unity Women’s College, Mulampara . About a hundred kids participated in cultural activities, performances, and received prizes. With the involvement of their guardians, it served as a model event showcasing Volunteers’ excellent organization. The event took place on December 24, 2023.Every morning at 6 AM, under the leadership of Physical Education Assistant Professor Hamras Ahmad . yoga sessions were conducted at the NSS camp. The training was enthusiastically attended by Volunteers, who actively engaged in the yoga sessions with great enthusiasm.

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