NSS Selection Camp For New Volunteers 2022-24

One day selection programme of NSS volunteers was conducted on 15.10.2022. Around 250 students participated in the selection procedures. Many students exhibited their talent and tried their best to prove their abilities in versatile areas. With the help of present secretaries and the working committee, the final list was prepared. As a part of the anti drug campaign of the State government, the NSS unit of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri and Malayalavedi jointly conducted poem, short story, essay writing and poster making competition for students.The topic of the competition was “Drug: the Great Disaster”; Irfana K. from third semester Chemistry, Fathima S from first BSc Mathematics and Arya K from Bom Co-operation got first, second and third prizes respectively in poem writing competition. In story writing competition, Liyana N of first BA English and Rishana P.P. of third semester FCS got first and second prizes. In poster designing, Thasliya from first BA English, Fathima Femina from first BSc Mathematics and Fathima from first BSc Mathematics got first, second and third positions respectively. NSS programme officers Dr. V Hikmathulla, Dr. Jasna V.C and Malayalavedi secretary Nandana coordinated the programmes.

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