Online Research Methodology Workshop

The Department of Psychology on March 18th, 2024 organized a highly effective online research methodology workshop focusing on SPSS and APA style format. Dr Fathima Saliha, a distinguished faculty member from the Department of Psychology at Farook College and Co-founder of Researchphile, served as the resource person for the workshop. Conducted in the studio room, the session was structured in a manner that simplified complex concepts, making them easily comprehensible for the attending students. The session provided a comprehensive overview of SPSS functions and techniques, enabling participants to analyze data effectively. Moreover, Dr. Saliha’s expertise in APA style formatting empowered students to structure their research papers accurately, adhering to scholarly conventions.

Throughout the workshop, students were actively engaged and demonstrated a keen willingness to learn. The session’s simplicity and efficiency were particularly commendable where students could absorb the material without feeling overwhelmed. As a result, doubts were effectively addressed, leading to a deeper comprehension of the subject matter. Dr. Saliha’s ability to convey complex information in a simple and efficient manner was commendable, ensuring that students left the workshop equipped with valuable skills and knowledge essential for their academic and research pursuits.



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