Natural Handmade Soap Making Workshop

‘Natural Handmade Soap Making Workshop’

On 26th March 2024, Biodiversity Club and Bhoo Mithra Sena Club conducted an event entitled ‘Natural Handmade Soap Making Workshop’ at PG Department of Botany. The workshop aimed to educate participants on the science behind soap making and empower them to create their own personalized natural soaps. The workshop began with a foundational understanding of natural soap, covering topics like saponification, properties of various oils and fats used in soap making and benefits of natural ingredients, that were delivered by Sudheesha K., Assistant Professor Adhoc, PG Department of Botany. Each step of the soap making process demonstrated by Deepa P., Biodiversity Club coordinator using the soap base and extracts of neem and curcuma rhizome, the best anti-microbial natural agents. Participants successfully created natural soap bars in the programme and the event fostered an appreciation for the science behind everyday products and the potential for natural alternatives, and sparked an interest in botany by showcasing the use of plant-based ingredients. Beyond that the usage of minimal chemicals and plant derived ingredients reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that are released into the environment. The event provided valuable knowledge and practical skills to the participants, while exploring the science and creativity behind a common household item. Together-with the workshop serves as an excellent platform to engage the community and bridge the gap between scientific understanding and everyday applications.

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