This week, PG department of chemistry conducted various games as a part of association activities. The first game was the “Communication Game” in which students aligned as a line and one particular sentence passed from one student to the next and the last student in the line should say the sentence louder that she heard from her neighbour. Most of the time the sentence heard by the first and the last student of the line will be entirely different. The second game was “Order the number game”. Students grouped into A, B, C and D and each group contained 5 students. Every student of each group was given a single digit written on a paper. When the audience say a five digit number, the group which formed the number by standing in an order of number will win the game. In this game, group B won the first prize. Both the games were very enthusiastic and the students got relief for sometime from their stressful academic life. The whole programme was controlled by Ms. Minha Fathima and Ms. Rinsha of third semester Chemistry.

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