The first association programme of PG Department of Chemistry of the academic year 2022-23 was conducted on 6/7/2022 at 2.50 pm. The students of third semester UG and second semester PG were present in the occasion. The association secretary Ms. Fathima Minha, third sem B.Sc welcomed the gathering. Dr. P. Jyothi, head of the department delivered the presidential address and she reflected on the significance of the association programme. There was a discussion about what the different programmes to be conducted and how they can be executed in the upcoming association hours. That was very helpful to the students especially for the freshers. Ms. Mubeena A. M, student of third semester UG delivered the vote of thanks.

The second association programme was conducted on 13/07/2022. Students organized a quiz competition on current affairs and basic science as a part of the programme. Ms. Adeeba and Ms. Savithry P co-ordinated the same. The whole students were grouped into teams A, B and C to assure the maximum participation and tight competition. The quiz was very interesting and informative; finally the team A won the first prize. Team C and team B won the second and third prizes respectively. The association secretary Ms. Fathima Minha delivered the vote of thanks.

A debate session based on the topic “Merits and Demerits of Online Education” was performed by the students in the third association programme conducted on 20/07/2022. Ms. Fathima Minha delivered the welcome speech and Dr. P. Jyothi leaded the debate by taking the role of a moderator throughout the session. All the participants were of good caliber and potential and their sharp arguments made the programme lively. Students of fifth semester UG put forward their argument towards the advantages of online education such as reduced cost, time saving, easy attendance, ease of content update, increased convenience and flexibility. Students of third semester PG raised their stunning words towards the disadvantages of online education like lack of practice-based learning, health issues due to excess exposure to screen time, requirement of self-disciple and time management skills. At the end, Ms. Amla Kalangottil delivered the vote of thanks.

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