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The college has a spacious air conditioned ICT enabled seminar hall in the ground floor of computer cum informatics centre block. The hall can seat around 100 audience.

College Auditorium

Korambayil Ahamed Haji Memorial auditorium is the main auditorium of the college. It has an area of 740 m2 with a seating capacity of 600 and was constructed using MP Lad scheme fund in the year 2000. It serves as a space for encouraging creativity and fostering communication. It is used to group the students at one place as need arises. Programmes of large scale are conducted here including talk by guest speakers, inter college functions, college annual day, arts day celebrations, various competitions etc. The dais is large enough to occupy several guests with two green rooms at its sides along with wash rooms. It is provided with the required light and sound systems.


The college serves the community by being the exam centres for University exams, distance education and other governmental and nongovernmental competitive examinations (PSC and UGC exams).
The facility includes two examination halls accommodating 160 and 80 candidates respectively.

Non-Residential Students Center

Non-Residential Students Center of the college is focusing on the purpose of retirement of day scholars. Which is very useful to serve the goal that is meant for. Students after class go there for taking their lunch.

Convention Centre

Presently the college is utilizing an area of 220 m2 for halting the vehicles at night. This are is also fit to conduct the programmes of multipurpose in day time. In this area there is stage facility, bath room facility etc. This is the convention area of the college often are conduct cultural programmes here.