Life Skills Training by BSc Psychology Students at HMS AUP Thurakkal School

The third-year BSc Psychology students of KAHM Unity Women’s College , Manjeri undertook a commendable initiative by providing life skills training to the upper primary students of HMS AUP Thurakkal School. The program aimed to empower upper primary students with essential life skills and knowledge on three critical topics: ‘Body Safety and Personal Boundaries,’ ‘Personal Hygiene and Puberty Education,’ and ‘Bullying Prevention.’ Through interactive sessions, these budding psychologists engaged with the young learners, fostering a safe and open environment for learning and discussion.

The first segment on, ‘Body Safety and Personal Boundaries,’ equipped students with the knowledge to recognize inappropriate behavior and establish personal boundaries, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being. Next, ‘Personal Hygiene and Puberty Education’ sessions sensitively addressed the physical and emotional changes during adolescence, promoting self-care and body positivity. Lastly, ‘Bullying Prevention’ training instilled empathy and conflict resolution skills, assertiveness skills, fostering a culture of respect and kindness among students. Overall, the program’s interactive approach and engagement strategies were effective in promoting knowledge and awareness among the students.


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