Aim, Objectives, and Scope of the programme:

                     As the world is heading towards  severe energy crisis, there is an ever-increasing need for alternate energy resources and energy efficient devices. One particular field, which has witnessed tremendous breakthroughs, of late, in terms of energy efficiency, is solid state lighting (SSL) or Light emitting diodes (LED). LED bulbs are 80-90% more energy efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs and are several times more durable, with much lower greenhouse gas emission. The workshop was aimed to familiarize the students with the practical aspects of this important technology and provide valuable hands-on experience.The programme was aimed at giving training to students  to assemble LED(Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs, so that the students can understand working of LED bulbs. The workshop also aimed to impart the importance of LED bulbs over conventional incandescent bulbs.

                    The main objectives of the programme are

  1. To understand the importance of energy conservation.
  2. To realize practically what is studied in theory classes.
  3. To promote scientific literacy and encourage young people to pursue careers in science and technology.

The scope of the programme lies in the fact that every individual  uses large number of lighting devices daily. Many people uses less energy efficient devices. By understanding the importance and efficiency  of LED bulbs  students can contribute much towards energy conservation policy of our nation .

Students Involvement in Organizing the programme:

                                   Students in the Second year Chemistry department actively involved in the programme. They designed a beautiful brochure for the programme. Moreover they arranged the Physics lab for conducting the workshop in the lab. Geotagged Photos of the programme was taken by students. Registration of participants for the programme ,attendance of participants ,etc were recorded by students.Vote of thanks to resource person was delivered by Ms.Rinsha K,the student coordinator.


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