Cooperative Society

Manjeri Unity Women’s College Co-operative Society Ltd. No. M539

 Manjeri Unity Women’s College Co-operative Society Ltd. is a co-operative venture of all staff and students of the college. Its primary objective is to avail all study materials and stationery at reasonable rate.

Its A class share is issued to staff members and B class share is issued to students. The ultimate authority vests with the General Body. It is governed by a Director Board consisting of 6 A class members and 2 B class members. Principal of the college will be the Ex-officio President of the society. One among the A class members of the Director board is appointed as the Honorary Secretary. Secretary is the Chief Executive Officer. He/She will be in charge of assets, accounts, daily receipts and disbursements, monetary aspects etc. Major portion of its profit is spent for the common welfare of the institution. Merit-cum-means scholarship is also given away from its profit.

The existing director board was elected on 02-02-2021. The present members are: Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur (Ex-officio President), Haseena Jasmine C K (Secretary), Fathima Shajitha T K, T K Faisal , Adam Thanari, Zulaika M, Naseema Sherin V (student representative) and Fathimath Shamna P P (student representative).