KOODE 0.2 – Commemoration of World Disability Day

On 7 th December 2023, students from the Psychology Department of KAHM Unity women’s college.Manjeri embarked on a visit to Pratheeksha Buds School Velluvambram in commemoration of World Disability Day. The purpose of this visit was to gain practical insights into the challenges faced by differently-abled individuals and to foster a greater understanding of the psychological aspects related to disabilities. The visit commenced with a warm welcome from the school staff and providing an overview of the Buds school. There was an interactive session allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios. Students had the opportunity to observe classroom sessions, This practical observation aimed to deepen their understanding of inclusive educational practices.The students engaged in activities designed to simulate different sensory experiences, providing insights into the daily challenges faced by those with sensory impairments.They were engaged in one-on-one interactions with Buds School students, facilitating open conversations about their experiences, aspirations, and the psychological aspects of coping with disabilities. This interaction aimed to promote a holistic understanding of the challenges faced. A debriefing session allowed Psychology students to share their observations, reflections, and insights gained from the visit. This constructive feedback session served as a platform for collaborative learning and future improvements. It was a valuable experiential learning opportunity, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The event coordinated by Mrs Fathima Shirin K A (Assistant professor.Adhoc) Department of psychology & First sem students Ms Riya& Ms Febina

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