Keralappiravi Celebrated by NSS

The National Service Scheme conducted a series of programs on November 2nd to celebrate the birthday of the beautiful state of Kerala. This initiative aimed to not only commemorate Kerala’s history and culture but also promote active participation among students.

The program was inaugurated by the Principal, Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur who delivered an inspiring speech to kick-start the event.

Program Highlights:

1.Quiz Competition: A quiz competition on Kerala was organized, testing the knowledge of participants about the state’s history, culture, and traditions. This segment encouraged healthy competition and enhanced the participants’ understanding of Kerala’s heritage.

2.Debate: Old Kerala vs. New Kerala A thought-provoking debate was held, discussing the transformation of Kerala from its traditional roots to the contemporary Kerala we know today. The debate provided a platform for participants to share their insights and opinions on this topic, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of the state. Manager O. Abdul Ali and Program Officer Dr. Hikmathulla V. Their informative speeches added depth to the event, enriching the knowledge and perspectives of the attendees.

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