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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is a post accreditation quality sustenance measure. The IQAC of Korambayil Ahamed Haji Memorial Unity Women's College started functioning with effect from October 1st 2005. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process the IQAC has now become an integral part of the institution, diligently working towards quality enhancement and sustenance.

To ensure and enhance quality towards excellence at the institutional level.


To develop a system to catalyze conscious and consistent improvements in quality and performance.

To be instrumental in the holistic development of our faculty and student community, integrating the best in technology and academia.

To introduce innovative ideas and practices with adequate support.


Name Designation Position
Dr. C. Saidalavi Principal Chairman
Engr. O. Abdul Ali Manager Member from College Governing Body
Dr. Annie Ninan Associate Professor, Dept. of Home Science Co-ordinator
Dr. I.P. Abdul Razak Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology Member
Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry Member
Mr. U. Haris Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science Member
Mr. Faisal T.K. Assistant Professor, Dept. of History Member
Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakeem C. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics Member
Mr. Sidheeque P. Assistant Professor, Dept. of English Member
Mr. Hassan Kodakkadan. Ward Member Member from Local Society
Mrs. Maheeda ICDS Supervisor Member from Alumni
Ms. Shahadiya Chukkan Student Union Chairperson Member from Student
Mr. A.M. Mohammed Ali Managing Director, Super Nova Curry Powder, Manjeri Member from Industrialist
Mrs. P.M. Nousha Beegam Jr. Supdt. Member from Administrative Officers
Mrs. M. Zainaba Senior Clerk Member from Administrative Officers


Name Designation Department
Mr. Noushad Ali Assistant Professor Arabic
Dr. A. Usman Assistant Professor Botany
Mrs. Suhada M.K. Assistant Professor Chemistry
Mr. M. Shihabul Haq Assistant Professor Computer Science
Dr. A.C. Meeradevi Associate Professor Hindi
Ms. Ashitha P.A. Assistant Professor Mathematics
Dr. I.P. Abdurazak Associate Professor Zoology
Mrs. Jaseena C Assistant Professor History
Mr. Muhammed Abdul Hakeem C. Assistant Professor Physics
Mrs. Vineetha M.K. Assistant Professor English
Mrs. Najma Chokli Assistant Professor Home Science

IQAC Annual Reports

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Academic Year 2018-19 View
Academic Year 2017-18 View
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Academic Year 2015-16 View
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IQAC Action Taken Reports

Academic Year 2019-20 View
Academic Year 2018-19 View
Academic Year 2017-18 View
Academic Year 2016-17 View
Academic Year 2015-16 View
Academic Year 2014-15 View

IQAC Minutes of Meetings

MOM of the Academic Year 2019-20

MOM of the Academic Year 2018-19

MOM of the Academic Year 2017-18

MOM of the Academic Year 2016-17

MOM of the Academic Year 2015-16

MOM of the Academic Year 2014-15

Annual Quality Assurance Reports

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AQAR 2013-2014 View
AQAR 2012-2013 View
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AQAR 2010-2011 View
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AQAR 2008-2009 View

Institutional Information for Quality Assessment

IIQA – Cycle 3 on 2019

Self Study Report

SSR – Cycle 3 on 2019

SSR – Cycle 2 on 2014

Students Satisfactory Survey

Students Satisfactory Survey 2019-2020

Students Satisfactory Survey 2018-2019


Cycle 1 on 2005

Cycle 2 on 2014


Alumni Feedback on Syllabus 2018-19


Students Feedback on Teachers 2018-19

Student Feedback on Syllabus 2018-19


Parents Feedback on Online Classes 2020-21

Parents Feedback 2018-19


Employers Feedback 2018-19


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