International Youth Day- Debate Competition

The role of youth in environmental protection is crucial for the present and future well-being of our planet. Young individuals play a vital part in raising awareness, driving change, and implementing sustainable practices to mitigate environmental challenges. The NCC cadets of KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri conducted a debate competition on ‘Role of youth in Environment protection’. The cadets were energetic and very enthusiastic towards debate and they contributed number of suggestions,debates, opinion and their view points on the topic. The event emphasized the significance of youth activism and collective efforts in addressing environmental challenges. Through well-researched arguments, passionate presentations, and insightful discussions, the participating cadets showcased their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment. They have understood the importance of the environment and how to keep it safe for the next generation and how to take care of it as we all know if the nature stays then only we can survive. This competition not only encouraged critical thinking and communication skills among NCC cadets but also empowered them to take up active roles as responsible stewards of the environment in their communities and beyond. Associated NCC Officer, Lt. Loosiya KP and UO Shana Buhaisa P(5th Sem BSc Computer Science) were the faculty and student coordinators respectively.

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