Independence Day Celebration – National Integration Programme

As a part of 77th Independence Day Celebration, the NCC and EBSB Club of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri jointly organised a national integration programme on the occasion of Fresher’s day on 21st August 2023. The programme started with a patriotic dance, followed by a still performance which represented 7 states of India. The programme aimed to promote national integration through celebrating unity in diversity by showcasing the culture and traditions of different states of India. To demonstrate the same, the cadets were paired up to display the cultures of Kerala, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Goa, Gujarat, Punjab, Hariyana etc.. They waved the flag along with the Vande Mataram song during the last part of the event. Totally, 33 students participated in the event. Dr. N.V. Fatimathu Zuhara (EBSB Club Coordinator and Assistant Professor, PG Dept. of Home Science), Lt. Loosiya. K.P (Associate NCC Officer and Assistant Professor – Adhoc, PG Dept. of Home Science) and UO Shana Buhaisa P (5th Sem BSc Computer Science) were the Faculty and Student coordinators respectively.

National integration prog

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