Iftar Party 2024

Iftar Party 2024 PG Department of Computer Science

The Computer Science Department at KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri, joyously celebrated Ramadan with an Iftar party on March 18, 2024, graced by the presence of Principal Prof. (Dr.) Muhammed Basheer Ummathur, who addressed the participants, emphasizing the values of unity and communal harmony. Led by Mr. Rahib B., HoD of Computer Science, the event witnessed the heartfelt participation of students from Department of Computer Science. College Manager Jo. O. Abdul Ali delivered an Iftar message, enriching the occasion with spiritual insight. The gathering also welcomed Ms. Anitha Beegam, HoD of Home Science, whose presence added to the sense of community and inclusivity. The successful celebration not only highlighted the department’s commitment to organizing meaningful events but also reinforced bonds of solidarity within the academic community. Furthermore, the event was efficiently coordinated by Staff Coordinator Mr. Haris U., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & student Coordinator Ms. Rinsha C.P., B.Sc. Computer Science 2022-25 Batch, ensured smooth organization and active participation of all involved.

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