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Project Hub

PTA of the year 2018-19 has installed five desktop computer systems for the sole purpose of the DTP works of UG and PG project reports of students who do not have their own facility to do the same. This Project Spot is inside the general library.


To keep abreast with the changing scenario in higher education, employment and research, a Network Resource Centre is set up in the campus. The center functioning in the college library has broad band internet facility, accessible to all students and staffs.


College has an internet system having a speed of 40mbps in collaboration with BSNL. 50% of the total costs have been bearing by the BSNL .However the balance amount is remitted by the College.


Presently one room has been arranged as smart room with Interactive Active Board for common use. In addition to this each department has been provided with one ICT enabled room.


Library is a centre of academic activities by making its resources available to students, faculty and other staff members for their curricular, research and general information needs. The college facilitates the campus with a reprographic centre in the library with computers, printer, scanner and a phOtostat machine which is open during the working hours. The students and faculty are not required to go outside the campus for these facilities and thus it care of large scale operations and ensures their needs as and when required.


In the college there is a special room with video conference facility. 18 seats are arranged with air-conditioned facility. College management committee meeting, staff council meeting and other meetings are convened here.


Presently the college has 3 backup generator which is arranged at three different locations.
60 KV in the main section
30 KV in the Hostel Zone.
20 KV in the Office Zone.


College has enlarged UPS facilities in to 30KV (10KV + 10KV + 5KV + 3KV + 2KV).

Energy Conservation

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CCTV Surveillance cameras are installed at common points like the entrances, verandas, examination halls, cafeteria and the library. A total of 20 cameras are installed including 4 in the library and 1 in the examination hall as specified by the University. There are two monitoring points one in the Principals Chamber and the other in the libraries cabin.