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The college hostel, functions in a permanent building in the college campus. Hostel accommodation is available for a limited number of students. Those who wish to join the hostel shall submit separate application after obtaining admission in the college and shall pay the establishment charges and caution deposit at the time of admission. The mess dues and rent are to be paid monthly.


1. Application for hostel admission shall be in the prescribed form available at the College Office. Admission will be offered to the available seats considering the accademic merit and need of the applicant.

2. Inmates shall adhere to the routine schedule & rules in the hostel issued by Dy. Warden/ Hostel Matron.

3. Students themselves shall be responsible for all their valuables and other personal belongings and shall avoid wearing costly gold ornaments.

4. Inmates should get permission from the Matron before leaving the hostel premises. They shall reach the hostel before 6.00 pm. after the classes in the normal working days.

5. Inmates shall not allow or entertain outsiders to enter the hostel without prior permission.

6. Students will be allowed to go home during holidays & vacations with their Parent/ Guardian/ Authorised person, who should produce identity card in turn while taking the ward from the hostel, issued by the Principal. However in special cases /occasions a written request to the Principal from Parent/ Guardian will be honoured and an inmate may be permitted to go home alone or with other neighbouring students.

7. Inmates shall submit their leave at the college during illness through the Dy. Warden/ Matron.

8.No fund shall be collected or meeting organised in the hostel without previous consent of the warden.

9. Mess dues will be published on the first week of every month and inmates shall remit the dues before 15th of every month without fine.

10.Principal as the Chief wardon reserves the right to dismiss a student from the hostel on specific reasons noted or reported.