Home Science Association Inauguration 2024-25





Home Science Association Inauguration 2024-25 23 February 2024 ——————————————- Department of Home Science Association was Inaugurated on 23rd February 2024 by Mrs,Rimsy V.M.(Alumna),CDPO,Wandoor. She also delivered a session on the topic ‘Role of Home Science in WCD’. The session offered the importance of Home Science subject in Women and Child Care Department for Implementing various programs to improve women’s access to healthcare, prenatal care, and nutritional support.The students got more information about the duties of CDPO and inspired them to get a job for self dependency and financial independence.The presidential address was given by The Principal,Dr.(Prof). Muhammed Basheer Ummathur and Key note address was given by Mrs Anitha Begum, Associate Professor and Head , Department of Home Science.The programme was coordinated by Mrs. Shahla K, Assistant Professor (Adhoc) and Mrs. Fathima Shafiya Kurikkal (IVth  Sem BSc FCS)

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