Gymnosperm Collection Trip to Ooty:

On the 2nd of November 2023 under the auspices of PG dept.of Botany embarked on a botanical expedition to Ooty with the primary objective of collecting gymnosperm specimens for research and practical studies,also document the ecological context of gymnosperms in their natural habitat.Our gymnosperm collection trip to Ooty was a fruitful endeavour,providing valuable insights and contributes to our botanical knowledge also students can gained the practical experience in the identification and collection of gymnosperms.We also visited the Benchmark Tea Factory at Doddabetta,the visit to the tea factory was an enlightening journey through the intricate process of tea production.The trip was coordinated by Dr. Usman A. (Assistant Professor), Ms. Surya E.V (Assistant Professor Adhoc),Ms. Shifa M(Assistant Professor Adhoc).

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