Future Focus: A Career Workshop for Advanced Learners of Mathematics Majors

*Future Focus: A Career Workshop for Advanced Learners of Mathematics Majors

On January 25, 2024, at 1:10 PM, the Mathematics Department hosted “Future Focus,” a specialized career workshop for advanced learners. Dr. Muhammed Basheer Ummathur, the college Principal, inaugurated the event.

The workshop featured two distinguished speakers. Dr. Anoop Nair, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics, initiated the discussions with a session on “Mathematics as the Language of the Future.” He insisted on the scope of interdisciplinary applications of mathematics and its pivotal role in shaping the future landscape.

Following this, Aarathi Nambiar from Mathlab Cochin shared insights on “Career Opportunities & Higher Studies in Mathematics.” Her session provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse avenues available within the field.

Key figures, including Dr. Shahina Mol A.K, the IQAC coordinator, and Dr. Bajeel PN, enriched the event, emphasizing the importance of initiatives like these, in enhancing the overall learning experience for advanced learners.

The collaborative effort between the Mathematics Department and IQAC ensured a holistic approach, enriching the learning experience for participants. Interactive sessions allowed students to engage in thoughtful discussions, leaving them informed and inspired about potential career paths and higher education opportunities in mathematics.

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