Freeze and Fun’: Ice-Breaking Session by Third Year BSc Psychology Students for First Year BSc Psychology Students

An ice-breaking session was organized by the third year BSc Psychology students for the incoming first year BSc Psychology students at B202 on 4th August 2023. Ayesha Risni and Jusaina (SQAC) lead the session effectively. The purpose of the event was to help the new students familiarize themselves with their peers, build rapport, and create a welcoming and friendly environment within the department. The event aimed to ease the transition for the first-year students into college life while nurturing a sense of community among the psychology students.

The session provided numerous benefits for both the first year and third year students. The event successfully broke down social barriers and encouraged students to engage with one another. Students had the opportunity to connect with others who shared similar interests and backgrounds, laying the groundwork for potential friendships and study groups. The session also helped to alleviate the anxiety associated with starting college and meeting new people, making them feel more comfortable within the academic environment. Through interactive games, students improved their communication and interpersonal skills, vital for future success in their academic and professional lives.

Overall, the session created a warm and welcoming environment for the first-year students. Through engaging and interactive activities, the participants not only enjoyed themselves but also gained valuable insights into the field of psychology. By promoting teamwork and communication, the event set a positive tone for the upcoming academic year.

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