Flash Talk on Global Human Rights Violations.

A new episode of Flash Talk , an IQAC initiative for awareness on cross cutting issues under the Hone Your Leadership Club, was held on 13 December 2023 at 01:00pm.It was an open air panel discussion on various human rights violations and was held at Azadi Square. The session was conducted in connection with world Human Rights Day (December 10). There were five panelists among whom three speakers were students from different programmes.

Gazan genocide, human rights violations against women and the conditions of the deprived communities and minorities and global human rights violations today were the major areas of addresses. The moderators were Mubeena and Irfana , students of 6th Semester BSc Chemistry . Omniyah from 3rd Semester BSc Chemistry, Raniya from 1st Semester BA English, Laila from 1st Semester BA History, Dr. A K. Shahina Mol, Head of the Department of English and Dr. Hikmathulla, Head of the Department of Malayalam were the panelists. Manager O. Abdul Ali sir and Shahana from 3 rd Semester BSc Chemisty also opined their views . Speakers unanimously opined that the student community, society and government missionaries must take actions to prevent the violations against human beings all over the world.

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