Sidhique P

Assistant professor FDP mode MA , B.E d , UGC -NET Postgraduate and Research Department of English
Educational & Professional Qualifications
SNo. Degree Name Specialization University
1 BA English Calicut
2 MA English Calicut
3 MA Linguistics AnnaMalai
4                 B.E d English Calicut
5 UGC -NET English UGC


Refresher / Orientation Courses Attended
SNo. Type of Programme University/ Institution Period
1 Orientation  HRDC.Kumaun ,Utharagand 2014
2 Orientation  Calicut ,HRDC 2015
3 Orientation Calicut , Calicut University Centre, Lakshadweep 2016
4 Orientation HRDC,Pondicheri University 2021
5 Refresher  University of Madras 2022


Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia Attended
SNo. Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia Theme/Title Resource Person/ Participant Organizing Institution Period
1 Colloquim Literature,Theory and History of ideas Participant Higher Education Kerala 2018
2 Seminar Drumb beats from the side Walk:Subaltern Literature Participant Gvt College Malapouram 2018
3 Srminar  Beauty  Paricipant KA HM Unity Womene’s College 2018
4 Seminar  Cultural Studies : Theory and Practice Resource Person Calicut University Centre  2017
5 Seminar Aesthetics of Resistance Literature Resource Person  Calicut University Centre 2016
6 Seminar Resistance Narrative Resource person KA H M Unity  2018
7 Workshop Transactions Participant MES ,Mambad 2017
8 Workshop ELT Resource Person  HigherEducation Dept of Kerala 2013
9 Seminar Value Orientation in Higher Education Resource Person Farook College 2013
10 Seminar From Abstraction to Comprehension Encountering Theory and Literature Presented  Govmnt College Mokwri 2007
11 Seminar European Fiction Presented Ss College Areacode 2007
12 Seminar
New Trends in Linguistics and Theory
Participant KA HM Unity women’s College 2007
13 Workshop Gender and Film Participant St Joseph  2008
14 Seminar Postcolonial Literature Resource person Cuc ,kavarathi 2010
15 Workshop Communicative English Resource person  IHRD ,calicut 2013
16 Workshop ELT ReSource Person KUMAUN ,University 2015


Research Experience: Thesis Details
M.Phil. Title
Ph.D. Title DOING – year 4


Papers Published
SNo. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
1 Learner Autonomy In the Acquisition if Language Ijssir Issn Dec 2014
2 Sustainable Development In the Eco tourism Destinatiins EPRA Issn 2014
3 Narrating The Marginalised :The insider IJMER Issn 2015
4 Banking Sector in Lakshadweep:Growth and performance EPRA Issn 2015
5 African Rituals for Collective Good Oiirj Issn 2015
6 The politics of the Label Ethnic Writing Oiirj Issn 2015
7 Myths of Heritage Culture Enlightenment and Hegymoy IJMER Issn 2015
8 Narratives of national boundaries and spectators Theatre Oiirj Issn 2016
9 Trauma literature:A cathartic Apparatus Oiirj Issn 2018


Books / Chapter Publication Details
SNo. Book / Chapter Name Publisher Name ISSN / ISBN Year
1 3 Aswathi Mp, Sidhique  789355 2022
2 84 Saidalavi ,Aswathi Mp. 978935391 2020