Dr. Rajani R

Assistant Professor MA , MLISc(Library Science), NET, JRF , PhD

Seminar Presentations

  1. You can Ride it like a woman:Objectificationof Gender in Advertisements in Three Day National Seminaron Media. Department of English. Government Women’s College Trivandrum Feb 21-23 2012
  2. Women in Daivathinte VikruthikalM. Mukundan’s Novel Vs Film Adaptation. In Two Day International Seminar on Novel Adaptations Govt. Women’s College, Trivandrum March 19-20 2012
  3. The World of Women Sans Men: an Analysis of Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls in Three dayUGC Sponsored National Seminar on Women’s Writing Govt. Women’s College Trivandrum March 7& 8 2014
  4. Of Marriage Masters and Female Proliterates: Shakespeare’s Selected Sunny Comedies :A Marxist Reading National Seminar on Shakespeare Continuum KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri January 2015
  5. From the Spires of Oxford to the Prisons of Islamabad: An Analysis of Human Rights Violations during Militry Regime based on Benazir Bhutto’s Daughter of the East. In International Seminar on Human Rights KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri Dec 2015
  6.  Corn Flower VS Kalashnikovs:Why Talibs Fear the Power of Education? An Analysis of I am Malala in the Three Day Singularities International Conference on Power KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri January 2015
  7. Witty Fools and Foolish Wits:an Analysis of the Types of Humour Presented in Shakespeare’s As you Like It, Much Ado about Nothing and the Twelfth Night Dec 2014
  8. Is the Use of Digital Sources in Teaching English a Violation of the Five Laws of Library Science in LiSCOM international Conference for Green Libraries, Christ’s University Bangalore October 2015
  9. The Cries of Endosalfan Victims in Ambikasuthan Mangad’s Enmakaje in Three Day International Seminar on Anthropocene in Government Women’s College Trivandrum January 2016
  10.  Love and Marriage in Soviet Russia:An Analysis of Certain Slam Poems in Three Day National Seminar on Russian Literature in the Digital Era Department of Russian University of Kerala January 2020
  11. The Laments Heard in Exile: An Analysis of Poems in Exile by Berthold Brecht in Three Day International Seminar on Diaspora Department of German University of Kerala February 2020
  12. Women Decision Makers: an Analysis of Lara of Doctor Zhivago and Lucie of Maattaathi in the Three DayInternation Webinar ib Russian and the Indian Literatures in a comparative Perspective Department of Russian University of Kerala March 2021
  13. Children’s Literature in the Pre Soviet Russia:Soviet Russia and Post Soviet Russia An Analysis of Archetypes. In the Deparment of Russian, University of Kerala Feb 2022