Aswathi MP

Assistant Professor MA, NET Postgraduate and Research Department of English
Total Teaching Experience UG 11 Years PG 11 Years
Subject with Specialization English
Subject with Specialization Language and Literature



Educational & Professional Qualifications
SNo. Degree Name Specialization University
MA English University of Calicut
BA English University of Calicut
Pre Degree First Group University of Calicut
SSLC All Subjects Govt. of Kerala
NET English UGC


Seminars/ Conferences/ Invited Lectures/ Symposia 
S No. Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia Theme/Title Resource Person/ Participant Organizing Institution Period
ICLT 2013 “E/merge in ELT: Participation, Collaboration and Extension through ICT Platform of Blog Paper Presenter Malabar Christian College, Calicut  on 6th and 7th December 2013
International Seminar, New Trends in Language learning through Technology (NTLLT 2016)  “Perspectives on Blog as a Reading Instrument in Higher Education”  Paper Presenter Malabar Christian College, Calicut  18 February 2016.
Singularities  International Conference on Power  Mapping Power, Desire and Violence: T.D. Ramakrishnan’s Francis Itty Coraas a Phenomenological Catalogue of Cannibalism Paper Presenter KAHM Unity Women’s College, manjeri  14 January 2016.
International Seminar on Contemporary American Literature: Trends And Prospects Race and/or Capital: The Conflict of Ethnicity and Economy in

Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby  

Paper presenter Mercy College, Palakkad, 21st November 2014.
U G C sponsored National Seminar Human Rights for Women Reflections on Human Rights and Violation: Autobiography as a Space for Resistance” Paper presenter K A H M Unity Women’s College, Manjeri  6, 7th and 8th  February 2012.
UGC  Sponsored National Seminar on“Media and its current Significations- An Exploration into the Global Impact of the Media “Blog and Education: Enhancement of Teacher Competency and Learner Performance through Blogging”  Paper presenter S.S. College, Areakode  12th and 13th of November 2013.
National Seminar on Postcolonial Literature in India,  The White Tiger- An Address on the New Worlds within Post-colonial India, Paper presenter SNGS College Pattambi, 17 December 2013.
UGC sponsored National Seminar on New Cultural Studies: A Critical Investigation, “Overlapping Genres: Postmillennial Novels as the studies of Culture” Paper presenter St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri  13 & 14 October 2014.
UGC sponsored National Seminar on Postcoloniality,Globalization and Transnationality  Towards Transnational Spirituality: Exploring the subjective turn in the mystic experience Paper presenter Amal College of Advanced Studies  on 29& 30 October 2014.
UGC Sponsored National Seminar  Film, Film studies and Ideology,  A Film on Power, Truth and Revolt: Ozhimuri as an ideologue of Oppressed Paper presenter Sree KeralaVarma College, Thrissur, on  November 12-14, 2014
UGC Sponsored National Seminar “Image, Text and Subjectivity, Visual Culture and the Humanities”  Street Installation as a vehicle of shift in the Visual Art Culture” Paper presenter Providence Women’s College, Calicut  17and 18 September 2015.
National Seminar, Exploring Violence and Embracing Difference, Epistemology, Ideology and Representation”  Ontology and Epistemology of Manifest Oppression:Ozhimuri as a Catalogue of Knowledge, P.T.M. Govt. College, Perintalmanna  on 12-13 November 2015.
UGC Sponsored National Seminar Discourses and Cultural Studies organized  Joints and Disjunctures: Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of the Malayalam Translation Kunju Karyangalude Odeythampuran Paper presenter NSS College Manjeri on  December 15-7-2014
National Seminar SICON SPACE 2017  Space and Visual Art: A Study of Select Street Installations”  Paper presenter Department of English KAHM Unity Women’s Collee, Manjeri  17&18 January 2017
Regional Seminar Postmillennial Literatures “Replacing the Holy Grail: Politics of Asura:, The Tale of the Vanquished, a Postmillennial Meta-narrative,”  Paper presenter Department of English KAHM Unity Women’s Collee, Manjeri 10 & 11December 2013
Regional Workshop on Project Supervision for Teachers Mechanics of Writing and Layout” Resource person Department of English KAHM Unity Women’s Collee, Manjeri  22 December 2011
MESMAC International Conference 2017 “Convergence of Space, Politics and Philosophy: Daivathinte Pusthakam a Manifesto of Coexistence”  Paper Presenter DGMMES Mampad College.  January 2017
MESMAC International Conference Narratives of Dissent in the Twenty First Century: A study of T.N. Prakash’s Kaikeyi and  Azees Taruvana’s Vayanadan Ramayanam Paper Presenter DGMMES Mampad College.  January 2018
National Seminar on Inter-disciplinary Crossroads: perspectives in Cultural Studies organized Participant Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad 3rd and 4th January  2013
National Seminar on ‘Marginalisation and women’s writing’ Participant PSMO College, Tirurangadi February 12 & 13, 2011
“National Seminar on Shakespeare continuum” organized by PG Department of English and Singularities journal  Participant 12th and 13th of August 2014
Workshop on Academic Writing Project Management and Research Writing Resource person SS College, Areakode 5 October 2018
Workshop on Blogging How to Start a Blog Resource person DGMMES Mampad College  16 June 2016.
Invited Lecture Lecture on Blogging Resource person Department of Comparative Litertature, University of Calicut 2017
Invited lecture The Story of Times of India Resource person Malabar christian College, calicut 2017
Invited lecture Workshop on Research Methodology and Project Management Resource person SS College, Areakode 5 October 2018
Invited lecture Introduction to Academic Writing Resource person Govt. Arts and Science College, Kondotty 27 February 2019
Singularities International Conference on Truth 2019 Participant KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri 29,30 &31 January 2019
Invited lecture Textual Pathways: Crossroads and Diversions Resource person NSS College, Manjeri 21 November 2019
Invited lecture Project Management Resource person Sreesastha College, Elamkur 20 January 2020
One Day State Level Workshop on UGC Regulation 2018 and New Pay fixation Participant Farook Training College, Calicut 9 November 2019
National Workshop on Literary Designs and Methodology Participant SNGS College, Pattambi 12 November 2019
Singularities International Conference on Time 2020 Women in the changing cultural climate of Oman: A Study of Jokha Alharthi’s Celestial Bodies Paper presenter DGMMES Mampad College, Malappuram 4,5 & 6 February 2020
MESMAC International Conference on Applying Theory: Paradigms, Practices and Faultlines Participant DGMMES Mampad College, Malappuram 
Invited lecture Workshop on Technical Writing and Project Management Resource person SS College, Areakode 18 July2020
Invited lecture Appreciating Poetry: Some Advice to those who will Serve time in Prison Resource person English Skills Online: Prime Online Classes 25 May 2020
Invited lecture Appreciating Poetry: Some Advice to those who will Serve time in Prison Resource Person  ASAP Online Classes 8 May 2020
Invited Lecture Cultural Trajectories and Ramayana Narratives Resource Person  Research Forum University of Calicut 18 November 2020
Seminar National Webinar on Career Advancement Participant Mar Thoma College Chungathara 30/08/2020
Seminar National Webinar on Flipped Classroon Participant Alshifa College of Arts and science 28 September 2020
Seminar International Webinar on “Perspective Matters: Unlearning Unicentrism” Participant Department of English, KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri 14-16 September 2020
Seminar Singularities International Conference  on Liberty 2021 Paper Presenter Farook College, Calicut 19,20&21 January 2021
Invited Lecture UG project- A Route Map Resource Person Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, Keezhattor 11/11/2021
Invited Lecture The Ramayana: Text, Context and Subtext Resource Person DGMMES Mampad College 05/01/2022
Invited Lecture Project Management Resource Person Sree Sastha College, Wandoor 29/01/2022
Seminar: Singularities International Conference on Love  Sociological Parameters and Women’s Desire: Ahalya and Surpanakha in Selected Malayalam texts. Paper presenter St. Theresa’s College, Ernakulam 11 January 2022
Invited Lecture “Art of Self Expression in English”  Resource Person Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College, Pulikkal  7th June 2022


Participation in College Level & University Level Academic and Co-Curricular Activities
Delivered an online lecture on The Theory of Rasa at EMMRC Calicut for School of Distance Education, University of Calicut
Editorial Board Member: Singularities: A peer reviewed transdisciplinary International Journal
Assistant Coordinator of Singularities International Conference on Power 2016
Coordinator of Singularities International Conference on Beauty 2018
Regional Workshop on Project Supervision for Teachers conducted by P.G.Department of English, K.A.H.M. Unity Women’s College, Manjeri on 27th August 2013
Coordinator :Department Blog -2012, 2013, 2014 ,2017, 18
Coordinator :Student Journal: Tracings: 2015
Editorial board member : Student Journal: Tracings: 2015, 2016, 2017, 

2018(chief Editor)

Member – UGC Funding Committee- of the college 2012-13
College Magazine Staff Editor 2013-14
Member UGC- Gender Sensitization cell- 2014-15, 2015-16
Fine Arts Director- 2016-17
Member – UGC Funding Committee-2017-18
Student Welfare Dean-2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21
Convener: NAAC Committee: Criterion 3 : 2018-19, 2019-20,
16. Deputy Warden of the College Hostel: 2021-22
17. Women Cell Coordinator 2022-2023


Research Experience: Thesis Details


Title Multiple Ramayanas:A Study of select Ramayana Narratives in Malayalam Literature
Subject English
Faculty Language and Literature


Research Experience: Projects Details
Type Minor
Title Exploring the Sacred Feminine: A Feministic Reading of By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept,  Da Vinci Code and What the Sufi Said
Order No MRP (H) – 353 / 12 -13/KLC045/UGC-SWRO  KLCA045 dated 23     SEPTEMBER 2013
Duration 21 Months
Amount Rs. 90000/-


Books Published
1.The Future of Democracy in India: Edited Book :ISBN:978-93-5391-555-1

Editors: Dr. C. Saidalavi, Dr. Annie Ninan,  and Aswathi M.P. Unity College Publications 2020

2. Contemporary Women’s Writing in India: Edited Book: ISBN:978-93-5396-353-8 Editors: Aswathi M.P., M.K. Vineetha and Reena C.M. Unity College Publications 2020

3. Musings on World Poetry: Edited Book: 978935457798 7

Editors: Aswathi M.P., M.K. Vineetha and Reena C.M. Unity College Publications 2020

4. Scribbles Defying Gravity: Collection of Poems:ISBN: 978 93 5578 134 5

Editors: Aswathi M.P.,Sidhique P

Publisher: Department of English.


Papers Published
SNo. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
From Theology to Thealogy: The Goddess Discourse in By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept Wizcraft International Journal of Language and Literature 2319-4952 (Print)  2012
“Digging the archives of the Unknown: All the Names as an Encounter against Bureaucratic Leveling”  Research Spectrum, a National Journal , Vol.4 Issue. 1.  0976-5964 (Print)  2012
Capitalistic Discourse and Individual: A Social Study of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman”  The Criterion, An International Journal in English. 0976-8165   2013
Poetics Of Polyphony: A Study Of Narrative Content And Strategies  in Mario Vargas Llosa’s The Story Teller” in   Narrativizing the Margin- Border and Beyond. Ed. by Manash Pratim Borah,  Publisher: Wizcraft International Publishers 978-93-83183-00-5, 2013
Replacing the Holy Grail: Politics of Asura, the Tale of the Vanquished, in; Singularities, a Transdisciplinary Biannual Research Journal 2348-3369 2014
An Alternative Spiritual Countenance: Exploring the Spiritual Feminine in What the Sufi Said in  Singularities Journal Vol 2 Issue 1  2348-3369 January 2015.
Race and/or Capital: The Conflict of Ethnicity and Economy in        Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby”  Pursuits a peer reviewed journal Vol XIII Issue 1,  094-7400 August-September 2015
Femininity: A Chick Lit Perspective in Helen Fiellding’s Bridget Jones’sDiary  Dr. Vivekanand Jha and Dr. Ajith Kumar VL Media Solutions.  ISBN: 978 93 80820729 2015
“Perspectives on Blog as a Reading Instrument in Higher Education ” i New Trends in Language Learning using Technology Edited by Prof. Vineetha Sofia Gabriel. Published by Poorna Publications  9788130017723 2016
“Gender, Culutre and Manifest Oppression: A Study of the film Ozhimuri  International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities Vol4 Issue 9,  ISSN:2321-7065 2017
Gothic Architectonics

and The Davinci

Code: An Exploration

into the Dynamics of

Art, Knowledge and


WritingGothic: An

Anthology of


Essays, Edited by

Dr. P.K. Babu and

Dr. Sajid.A.


, p​ublished

by Publication

Division, MES





Questioning Culture through Postmillennial Indian English Novels:A Study of “Asura, the tale of the Vanquished” and “The Oath of Vayuputhras” IJELLH, Vol 6 Issue 6 2321-7065 June 2018
The Cultural Trajectories of Ramayana, 

a Text beyond the Grand Narrative

Singularities: A Transcdiciplinary Biannual Research Journal 2048-3369 January 2021
Negotiating Women’s Desire: Desire, Autonomy and Destiny of Ahalya in Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri’s “Ahalyamoksham: Uyirthezhunnetta Sthree.” International Journal of All Research Education & Scientific Methods, (IJARESM), 


ISSN No: 2455-6211”, Impact Factor : 7.429, February 2022
Counter Narrative and Woman’s Desire: Reflections On Ahalya In The Light Of Vishnu Narayanan Namboothiri’s “Ahalyamoksham”  International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews Ijrar: Issn 2348 1269 July 2022. 


Seminar Proceeding Published
Sl No. Name of Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
“E/merge in ELT: Participation, Collaboration and Extension through ICT Platform of Blog” proceedings of the International seminar ICLT 2013, organized by Malabar Christian College, Calicut. ISBN:978-81-920171-6-7 2013


Chapter Publication Details
Culture, Language and Translator’s Challenge: A Reading of the Malayalam Translation of The God of Small Things, Kunju Karyangalude Odeythampuran Contemporary Women’s Writing in India: ISBN:978-93-5396-353-8
Politics of Caste and Future of Democratic System in India The Future of Democracy in India: ISBN:978-93-5391-555-1 
Teaching Temporal and Timeless: Phenomenal Paths Beyond Traditions in Second Thoughts published by  MES Mampad College ISBN: 978-81-935049-3-2
Worksheet in Nuts and Bolts of English”, a unique book to improve English Language skills useful for UG students, WWS and ASAP
“Land and Freedom an Abandoned Tryst: a Study of Agha Shahid Ali’s Poems in an ISBN book (978-93-5457-798-7) titled Musings on World Poetry Edited by Aswathi M.P., Reena C.M. and M.K. Vineetha . Publisher: Unity College Publications, Library and Information Centre, KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri.